Meet Our Leaders!

Catherine Dean
President/Master Babywearing Educator and BWI Board of Directors

A former Museum curator and third-generation educator, Cathy discovered the joys of babywearing after the birth of her daughter, who suffers from severe reflux and food allergies, in 2011. She is a proponent of “anthropological parenting” and is thrilled that the traditional practice of babywearing—with its demonstrated benefits to both children and caregivers--is seeing a resurgence in the 21st century. Cathy enjoys working with her hands and some of her favorite carriers are the ones she made herself. She is currently self-employed and is particularly grateful that babywearing allows her to “get things done” while still enjoying some quality cuddling time!

Courtney Glaze
Treasurer/Volunteer Babywearing Educator

Courtney saw a need in our community and decided to form a baby wearing group shortly after the birth of her son 3 years ago. Along with her Volunteer Babywearing Educator certification she has also attended classes with the Babywearing Institute. Her go to carrier is a mei tai, but she loves carriers of all types!

Andrea Skeens
VP of Volunteers and Education/Advanced Babywearing Educator

Andrea Skeens is mom to Wyatt and Henry. She read about babywearing while pregnant with Wyatt. She got a baby K’Tan and an Ergo as her first carriers as baby shower gifts. After giving birth her doula introduced her to ring slings and It was all over after that! Both Andrea and Wyatt love babywearing and Wyatt gets really excited when Andrea pulls out a wrap. They are especially proud that they took a recent trip to NYC without a stroller!

Heather Batchelor
VP of Fundraising/Volunteer Babywearing Educator

Heather is a working mom of 2 (4, 1) and step mom to 2 older sons (18, 15). She started babywearing 4 years ago, wearing her daughter in a Moby wrap. Last year while pregnant with her son, she began to search for a solution to having a new baby, a 3 year old, and an active lifestyle for her family constantly on the go. Her search brought her back to babywearing. A friend and fellow VBE introduced her to the BWI CVA group, where her love of wearing (*cough* obsession) was embraced by other babywearing enthusiasts.

Lauren Ball
VP of Community/Volunteer Babywearing Educator 

Lauren is a stay-at-home mom to Trindon and Caroline. She and her husband, John, are expecting their third baby in October 2016. Lauren's baby wearing journey began in 2007 when she worked as a nanny for two infant boys. When her own son was born 4 years later, she already knew baby wearing was a valuable parenting tool she wanted to use. With the birth of her daughter Caroline, Lauren found baby wearing to be indispensable in her daily life and routines. Before moving to Virginia, she helped found the group NOLA Babywearers in her hometown, New Orleans. Lauren enjoys hiking and spending time outdoors with her family.

Sarah Burger
VP of Communications/Chapter Support Volunteer

Sarah is a first time mom to Kayleigh. She knew about babywearing from her long-time friend who also is a VBE. She started with Ring Slings, then Mei Tais, SSC, and has dabbled in wrapping with wovens. Babywearing was especially important while Kayleigh went through some growing pains and long periods of time of only wanting to be held.  Now, Kayleigh much prefers her independence as a busy toddler, but Sarah enjoys giving back to the babywearing community. 

Melissa Jenkins
Volunteer Babywearing Educator

Melissa is a working mom to 5 children ranging in age from 16 to infant. She found babywearing when she had a very high needs baby and also 2 year old twins to care for. Even though her children were older when she became pregnant with her middle daughter she knew that she wanted to babywear again because it allows such closeness for caregiver and child. She began researching as things had certainly changed since she wore back in 2001. Eager to try new things to her she invested in a Moby wrap and an Ergo carrier. Baby #4 loved being worn as much as baby #3 did and from there it became a mission to try all the carriers. When she decided she wanted to learn about woven wraps she decided to look for a BWI group at the recommendation of a friend. It was great to meet new people and to learn about other ways to carry her growing baby. With the addition of baby #5 in late 2015 she has a new appreciation for ring slings and it’s no surprise that baby loves it as much as her older sister’s did.

Hope Hichak
Volunteer Babywearing Educator (on loan occasionally from Quantico Area Babywearers)

Kit Jenkins
Master Babywearing Educator

Kit has two daughters, Devon (now almost 6) and Piper (pictured from last summer, now nearly 4), and has been involved with CVA since it's inception, and has been babywearing since her oldest was born.

Your Name Could Be Here! We are always in search of new educators and other volunteers! Educators commit to helping at one meeting per quarter and must have approximately one year of babywearing experience and show proficiency in front, hip, and back carries with all major babywearing types. We are always happy to help train new educators! We also need help with non-educator tasks such as blogging, social media, planning playdates and events, and fundraising! If you would like to get more involved please e-mail us.

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