Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday, April 18, 2016

Leap Into Spring! Carry of the Week: Double Hammock Rebozo Carry

The Carry of the Week for week 7 is the Double Hammock Rebozo Carry (DHR).

Double hammock rebozo is a one shoulder carry. You are less likely to have an aching shoulder with this carry due to the chest pass and multi-layers helping to take the weight off the shoulder. It is generally completed with a size 2, 3, or 4.

If this carry feels a little low, its because it is restricted due to the passes coming under your arms.

Practice all carries, especially back carries with a spotter, over a bed or couch, or low to the ground until you are completely confident. A BWI meeting is the perfect place to learn new skills with the assistance of a Volunteer Babywearing Educator. In most cases it is best to be comfortable with front carries before attempting back carries. (BWI Babywearing Safety) We recommend waiting until your baby can sit unsupported to begin back carries. You should always try your first back carries with a spotter or over a soft surface such as a bed. However, if you have completely mastered front and hip carries and have successfully back wrapped another baby, it is safe to do back carries in a woven wrap with a baby who isn’t sitting unsupported yet. (BWI Back Wrapping Infants).

First up is a video tutorial with Maddy.

Now we have Lauren with a photo tutorial:

Start the carry off center, with one short tail and one long tail.
Get baby onto your back using any method you choose. Create a seat.

Bring the long tail under your arm to make a rebozo pass. Then bring it across your chest to the opposite side to make a chest pass.

Bring the pass all the way around your back, spreading across baby and creating a second seat with the second pass.

Strand by strand tighten to remove all slack from the second pass.

Bring the tail under your arm to tie a slip knot at the opposite shoulder (see detailed instruction below).

Think of this as if you are tying a knot around the shoulder pass.

Bring the tail from under your arm to tie a slip knot at the opposite shoulder (1). The tail from your back should go across the shoulder pass tail and come behind it (2). Then down and back behind the vertical tail (3). Finally, pull it through the loop, and adjust up and down along the vertical tail as needed (4).

And Viola! You have a Double Hammock Rebozo Carry!

Check back next Monday for a new Carry of the Week!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Leap Into Spring! Carry of the Week: Robin's Hip Carry

The Carry of the Week for week 6 is the Robin's Hip Carry (RHC).

Robin’s Hip Carry is a popular hip carry and could be an easy transition into wrapping for those with ring sling experience. It is completed with a short to mid-size wrap, depending on your size. It may look or sound complicated, but is reasonably quick and easy to learn. RHC is a go-to carry if your baby is curious and has to see the world, but you don't want to face the baby outward or complete a back carry. It can also be modified to a more centered front carry for infants that don't have the head control needed for hip carries.

Here is VBE Maddy with our video tutorial:

Check back next Monday for a new Carry of the Week!