Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New Leadership

Every February, BWI of Central VA holds an election for officers.  Over the past 2 years the group has continued to grow and grow.  We are amazed at the love and support for babywearing in the Richmond, VA area.  Due to this amazing growth we have needed to reorganize the leadership.

Board of Directors
President: Catherine Dean
Vice President of Communication: Courtney Glaze
Vice President of Volunteers and Education: Andrea Skeens
Vice President of Fundraising and Finance: Lauren Everett
Vice President of Community: Carrie Gomes

Volunteer Babywearing Educators (your teachers!): Sara Brown, Cathy Dean, Courtney Glaze, Carrie Gomes, Hope Baugh Hichak (who comes to us on occasional loan from Quantico Area Babywearers), Ashley Hooks, Kit Jenkins, Kristin Dunkum Koontz, Marietta Mayo, Andrea Skeens, Sara Thomas (who now is President of BWI Blacksburg but comes to visit us as often as possible!)

Meeting Support Volunteers (who will be working to provide administrative support at meetings and events, taking memberships, welcoming attendees, helping with sign ins, etc.): Sarah Sherman Burger, Angi Bragaw Hamer, Julie Haynes Kratzer, Sarah Mack, Angela Wilson Sanford

Play Date Coordinators (who will be working to get some social events going!): Sarah Breeden, Monica Sheehan

Library Administrator (who will be reminding you when your renewals are due): Colleen Kayser Petro

Thank you to those listed above and to those who have supported the group in leadership rolls in the past.  We would not be here without you!

As always, if you are interested in helping out or becoming a VBE please let us know either in person at a meeting or feel free to email us at