Saturday, May 24, 2014

More New Library Carriers!

President Courtney Glaze modeled two more new carriers added to the lending library this spring at our Saturday meeting today!  First her she wore her youngest in a Maya Wrap ring sling generously donated by one of our members.  

And later she showed off our brand new Toddlerhawk Mei Tai, purchased with at a special discounted price for lending libraries.  We have relationships with a variety of carrier manufacturers and retailers who graciously offer discounts to lending libraries so that we can stretch your membership dollars even further!  The Toddlerhawk is a great fit for Courtney's preschooler!

Come visit us at a meeting to see what is new this month!

Monday, May 12, 2014

New Library Carriers!

We've made some great additions to the lending library lately.  Come to a meeting to check out some of our newest carriers in person!

Cathy and a demo baby model our new Zanytoes Ring Sling, which has a gathered shoulder, a donation from Zanytoes!  Thank you Zanytoes! 

Cathy hams it up again with the demo baby in our new Chimparoo Mei Tai, made from wonderful wrap fabric, courtesy of BWI and Chimparoo!  Thank you!

Andrea helps a new member at our May Monday meeting using our new Rockin' Baby Hero Ring Sling, courtesy of Rockin' Baby.  A big thank you to Rockin' baby for giving us this great sling!

Cathy again, this time with a real baby, showing off our new Oh Mei! half buckle at the May Wednesday meeting.  We won this carrier in a contest for BWI groups sponsored by Babyhawk.  Thank you Babyhawk!

Five, count 'em FIVE Sleeping Baby Products ring slings--one a wrap conversion style ring sling, two eesti shoulder linen slings, and two water slings.  Perfect for summer trips!  These were thanks to some great fundraising we did this spring.  

BWI of CVA President, Courtney tries out our new size 3 Yaro Slings woven wrap with her newborn at the Saturday April Meeting. (It has sleepy dust, that's for sure).  Your membership dollars make it possible for us to get great slings like this for our lending library!

Our library is always growing and changing so come try one of these new carriers in person!  Meetings are always free.  Paid BWI members may even check out a carrier at a time for about a month.  We'd love to see you there!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

We Need Your Help!

Interested in getting more involved?  BWI of Central VA is always searching for more people to help spread the love of babywearing in our community!  In the past year we have seen enormous growth and we are in need of volunteers to serve in educator and non-educator roles within our group.  Here are some ways you can help!

  • Consider becoming a Volunteer Babywearing Educator!  Without our VBEs our group wouldn't exist--they staff meetings and events, help moderate our facebook group, and plan events and fundraisers.  VBEs commit to at least one meeting quarterly (more is great too!) and participating in our online planning group.  In order to become a VBE you must fill out an application and complete an assessment to demonstrate an understanding babywearing safety and proficiency in front, hip, and back carries in the major carrier types.  But don't worry if that sounds intimidating, we are here to help enthusiastic candidates succeed so if you're interested talk to one of us at a meeting!
  • Help us with Volunteer Tasks!  Not ready to become an educator?  We can still use your help.  We need volunteers to help blog about meetings and events, assist with social media, assist with administrative tasks at meetings, and help with fundraising.  We can find something for anyone to do so if you're interested in helping drop us a line!
  • Staff an Outreach Event!  We occasionally are asked to attend community events to promote babywearing.  We can always use extra enthusiastic folks for these events.  Let us know you're interested and we'll let you know when we have an opportunity.  
  • Host a Playdate!  We love group activities but between staffing our three monthly meetings and planning big events sometimes our leaders don't have time to plan less formal activities too.  That's where you come in!  Invite your fellow babywearers to the park or a public event and make new friends in the process.  
  • Distribute Cards and Invite Your Friends!  Help us spread the word about BWI and about babywearing in general by making sure that your friends know that we exist.  Grab some cards at meetings and leave them at your pediatrician's office, OB/Midwife, the local coffee shop, daycare, playgroups, wherever there are other parents and babies!  Make sure your pregnant friends know about our 101 classes and meetings.  Share our upcoming events on your facebook page and invite your friends!  We can only grow with your help.
  • Become a Member!  Membership income helps our group grow.  Membership is $30/year and $20 of that stays locally to grow the lending library and support outreach activities while the other $10 goes to BWI National which supports us with VBE insurance, carrier donations, outreach materials, and more.  We love our members and we hope they love us too.  In addition to the warm fuzzy feelings that come from supporting our non-profit, educational mission members also are allowed to check out carriers from our lending library and get other occasional special members-only perks throughout the year.  
Thank you to everyone who helps keep our group running.  We couldn't do it without you!