Monday, September 26, 2011

Maymont Nature Center Meeting

         This weekend's meeting looked like it was going to be gloomy but actually ended up being a lot of fun! Because of the rain and race outside, we took our meeting inside Maymont Park's Nature Center. It was "Free Museum" day, so we were all able to print our passes and get in for free! We met at the Cafe inside and took the kids through the exhibits together. In addition to all the animals in tanks, cages, and displays, it was also "Meet the Reptiles" day so there were staffers bringing out turtles, snakes, and lizards for the kids to meet and touch.

 Once we were through the regular exhibits, we found the "Discovery Room" in the back of the building, which is where they normally hold their Toddler Time classes during the week, so it is equipped with toys, books, puzzles, and displays to help the kids further understand the James River and Chesapeake Bay regions. The kids had a blast playing with the toys, feeling the pelts, looking at the shadow boxes, and playing with the 3D tree and felt diagrams on two walls depicting the various habitats of all the animals in our area! It didn't turn out the way we expected, but it was definitely a great way to spend a raining morning with friends!
    In other news, we have some new VBE's in the group! Volunteer Babywearing Educators, or VBE's, are people who have passed an evaluation by Babywearing International and are able to assist with carriers and help teach new carries. They had to be proficient in front, back, and hip carries with wraps, SSCs (Ergos, Bobas, Becos, etc), Ringslings, Pouches, and MeiTais and be able to answer various troubleshooting questions. Please join us in congratulating Courtney, Alexis, Kati, Sara, and Kit!
   Coming up October 10th we are going to be Celebrating International Babywearing Week, "A World Of Possibilities" with thousands of other babywearers around the world by having a week day meeting and learning to make Babywearing Jackets and Ponchos. Please join us if you are able! Monday of that week is known as "Make it Monday" with BWI, so if you have any other crafts or DIY projects you'd like to learn, suggest it here or on our facebook page!