Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Ch ch changes.."

Woohoo! Our paperwork made it's way to the right people, and we are officially "Babywearing International Of Central Virginia"!
We've had a few questions come up, so I'm going to do my best to answer them. There is some background info in previous posts, but I can see how this would be confusing, especially if you didn't know it was coming, and then logged on all of a sudden and the name had changed!

Will we be changing pages?
 Yes and no. Our "group" page that shows up on your facebook sidebar will still be our discussion forum, general shenanigans, etc. The new page that Courtney created helps to link us with our sister groups, and makes us easy to find. This will be more informational- have useful links, event postings, etc.

Can we still wear our RCBW gear?
  Yes. We have picked up an AKA, that's all. When we're doing public events, it would be nice to be able to use our BWI name, but it is hard to get group specific gear with that info on them because the logos are copyrighted. If you would like some BWI gear, they have an awesome cafepress shop, and the money helps BWI, which will help our group! Our blog addy will stay the same, the FB page has been AKA'd, etc.

What changes?
  Most of what changes is internal- our name, our bank account, our VBE qualification (to be a VBE you are supposed to be part of a BWI group, but to have a BWI group you need to have at least two VBEs.. its kind of a chicken vs egg thing), our bylaw requirements, and our billet positions. There is a lot more paperwork involved in being BWI associated, but it helps keep our VBEs and our library insured, and gets us a LOT of support, both in personpower and in printed information. It will also help grow our library.
Speaking of the library, a part of the change that will affect you is that to borrow from our library, you now need to be a member of BWI. That means paying an annual membership fee of $30. Half of that fee stays with the group, and half of it goes to BWI to pay for printed materials, liability insurance for our group, etc. Let me assure you that you are not paying for someone's wage or freebies. I work for BWI, which means I VOLUNTEER for BWI. You aren't helping fund the conference or any events. It is purely "money goes in only to be returned in gear/printed material". the $15 that stays with us is to help us grow our carrier library, fund outreach events, and keep a minimum balance so that our bank account doesn't get grumpy with us :)

We have been following a lot of the BWI rules since we formed the group, and being involved in their events, just because we knew that being part of BWI was something we wanted. It just took us longer than we expected to get all the loose ends tied up.

I hope this helps! Let me know what else I can answer for you!

Monday, February 20, 2012

COTW: BWCC Back Wrap Cross Carry

BWCC Tied Tibetan

BWCC with Ruck Straps

Basic BWCC
Thanks you to everyone who participated and posted pictures this week for COTW: BWCC and variations. Here is the video we used to learn it!

Events Coming Up:
February Saturday Meeting: 2/25 from 10-12 at St. Thomas Episcopal Church
Washington Henry 5k: March 3rd from 8:45-11 at Washington Henry Elementary School
March of Dimes 5 Miler: April 28th. Sponsor us or Walk with Us!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

COTW: Front Wrap Cross Carry

  Our group has started (mostly) following the Carry Of The Week (COTW) on one of our favorite websites, the, in an effort to expand our wrapping repertoire and to help new wrappers learn more than just  "that one carry". Last week we did Front Wrap Cross Carry, and here are some of our pictures!



If you don't know this carry, here is a fabulous video with an adorable baby (yes I'm biased, no this isn't me lol)

This week's carry is Back Wrap Cross Carry, and if you have pictures, we'd love to feature them on our blog!

There was also a meeting on Monday, with some awesome photos up on our facebook page. Our next meeting is Saturday, February 25th at St. Thomas Episcopal Church from 10-12! The following weekend is our 5k at Washington Henry, and it's not too late to register, although you are too late to get a t-shirt. Come walk with us for a good cause and to bring babywearing out into the public eye!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Sorry for Party Rockin.."

  We realize the blog has been a little dead lately, but that could not be a more inaccurate reflection of RCBW's latest activities. I don't have any pictures for you at the moment, but check out our facebook page and there is some on there!
  Courtney got on yesterday and posted the upcoming meeting details, so scroll down for those, but we do have some other exciting community events coming up! First up is our 5k at Washington Henry Elementary School in Hanover, on March 3rd. The deadline for registering and getting a t-shirt is tomorrow, but you can register after that with out a shirt. We are not registering as a team, but we are meeting up at 8:30 that morning so that we can all walk together. Babywearing and RCBW attire is encouraged, but certainly not required. Strollers are also fine- we will walking through a neighborhood that is close to the school. Registration is $15 per walker, but you do not have to pay for your rider :)
 Also coming up April 28th is Richmond's March Of Dimes 5 Mile walk. River City Babywearers IS registered as a team, but you register your own page and then link it to us. We are also babywearing at this event, and they are SO excited to have us. If you would like to walk with us, or donate, here is our page:
ANOTHER exciting event that is coming up in late June/early July is the 2012 International Babywearing Conference! This is being hosted in Washington DC by one of our sister groups (more on that in a minute :D), Babywearing International of DC-MD-VA. There will tons of classes, a fabulous speaker, Rachel Coleman of Signing Time, and on Saturday there will be a free day open to the public with basic babywearing classes, a fashion show, and a vendor fair. Come venture with RCBW and check it out!
Sister Group, you ask? Why yes. River City Babywearers is EXCITED to be joining a large organization of babywearing groups called Babywearing International. This will allow us more resources and greater access to carriers, as well as a sense of community to bring into light the awesomeness that is babywearing. This change should be finalized any day now, and we will be picking up an AKA, Babywearing International of Central Virginia. Our blog address will not change, our facebook address will not change (but you might notice a page title change, if facebook is still allowing such. They change ALL THE TIME.) It will still be the same group you know and love, but with more support than ever before.
Recently we've had some great meetings, so I won't touch on them all, but most recently was a tandem class that had a great turn out, with lots of moms asking awesome questions. If you would like another topic-specific class, just ask us! We'd love to work it in. Two of our VBEs also taught a Babywearing 101 Class at Franklin Goose not too long ago, which was a great opportunity for them, and has brought us some fabulous new members. Welcome to all our newbies! We're so glad you've joined us!
That's all for now, but thanks for checking in with us, and we'll trying to stop by more often and keep you in the loop :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February Meetings

We will be having our regular monthly meetings this month, 2nd Monday and 4th Saturday.

Monday, February 13 @ 10am-12pm

Saturday, February 25 @ 10am-12pm

Both will be located at St. Thomas Episcopal Church - 3602 Hawthorne Avenue, Richmond, VA 23222.

For Monday - Go to front of church and ring buzzer if the door is locked. Let the office staff know you're with the babywearers. The meeting will be upstairs; follow the signs.

For Saturday - Come to the side door on the north side of the church (where the parking lot and playground are). A RCBW member will be at the door to let you in. If you're running late we'll post a phone number on the door for you to call and someone will come down to let you in.

We hope to see you there!