Tuesday, February 14, 2012

COTW: Front Wrap Cross Carry

  Our group has started (mostly) following the Carry Of The Week (COTW) on one of our favorite websites, the babywearer.com, in an effort to expand our wrapping repertoire and to help new wrappers learn more than just  "that one carry". Last week we did Front Wrap Cross Carry, and here are some of our pictures!



If you don't know this carry, here is a fabulous video with an adorable baby (yes I'm biased, no this isn't me lol)

This week's carry is Back Wrap Cross Carry, and if you have pictures, we'd love to feature them on our blog!

There was also a meeting on Monday, with some awesome photos up on our facebook page. Our next meeting is Saturday, February 25th at St. Thomas Episcopal Church from 10-12! The following weekend is our 5k at Washington Henry, and it's not too late to register, although you are too late to get a t-shirt. Come walk with us for a good cause and to bring babywearing out into the public eye!

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