Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cartwheels and Coffee Week Day Meeting!

Last week we decided to have our first non-IBW weekday meeting and playdate at Cartwheels and Coffee. This was intended to be mostly a playdate while allowing moms with specific questions or carrier curiosities to work one on one with some of our VBEs. It went fantastically! The kids had a blast, there was a sectioned off area with a play structure, as well as couches, books, tables, a kitchen, and all kinds of fun things. We even had a mirror to practice carries, and of course, sustenance. There was coffee, tea, yummy snacks, baked goods, and  even kids potties in the bathrooms for our little ones trying to make the leap :) We loved that some of our moms who can't make it to weekend meetings were able to venture out and join us!
This weekend two of our VBE's went to Maryland to take a class from the Babywearing Institute about how to best match carriers with individuals and families, as well as a more in depth study of the physical and emotional benefits of babywearing for both caregiver and child. After their test is complete they will be certified Babywearing consultants, the only two in Virginia! Next month they go back to get their advanced certification to work with special needs parents and children. This is so exciting for our babywearing group to have such great resources!
Just as a reminder, we have our SCarytown meeting and playdate this coming Saturday, starting at 2:30pm at Franklin Goose, and then they have trick or treating all through Carytown. Bring the whole family, bring costumes, and lets celebrate Halloween together!
We are in the works of putting together our November meetings, both weekday and weekend. It looks like our weekday meeting, will be Friday, November 11th (Veterans Day!) from 10-12, but we haven't decided on a location yet. Stay tuned for that and we hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shout-it-Saturday and a Playdate!

   All in all, IBW2011 was a success for us! We were at the Brandermill Farmer's Market, showing by example and meeting new people to introduce the wonders of babywearing!
Our table, and of course some adorable shots of our little helpers.
Planning Out Marketing Strategy

While our next regular meeting isn't until October 29th and is in conjunction with SCarytown 2011, if you'd like to check us out in a playdate type setting, we have set up a last minute playdate/weekday meeting on October 21st at 9am at Cartwheels and Coffee in Carytown (I see a theme here, I know.. we're actually pretty good at spreading our events out I promise!). We'll meeting new members, talking carriers, and troubleshooting any issues you might have, but won't be doing a full demo. If you'd like to join us, bring your favorite carrier, your questions, and $3 for the door fee (which is a discounted rate they gave us! Thanks guys!) and come play with us!

Leading By Example!
Breakfast Tester Extraordinaire!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Walking Wednesday!

 Our original plans for International Babywearing Week Walking Wednesday was to go to the local pumpkin patch, but with the rain and yucky weather we had that day, we changed it to a Mall Walk at the last minute. Lucky, some of our members were still able to join us! We walked around the Chesterfield Towne Center mall (after of course a group stop at Starbucks!), wandering around stores and eventually stopping at the play area to let our littles burn off some energy and even make some new friends!

With International Babywearing Week 2011 coming to a close, we have one event left for the River City Babywearers! Tomorrow from 9am to 12 noon some of the leaders will be working "Shout It Saturday" at the Brandermill Farmer's Market in Midlothian, with a booth sharing information on the joys and benefits of babywearing as well as carrier demonstrations and trials. We'll also have fresh hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls, so stop by first thing in the morning to visit us and maybe even do some shopping at this awesome outdoor market!
   October has been a busy month for the River City Babywearers! Our monthly meeting will take place at 2:30pm at Franklin Goose in Carytown, with our information session running until 3:30 or so and allowing chat and trials until around 4, where we're we'll be participating in the 2011 SCarytown fall Celebration, letting the kids trick or treat and maybe even doing a decorated carrier competition! Watch our facebook page for more details and hopefully we'll see you soon!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Make it Monday!

  To celebrate international babywearing week 2011's "Make it Monday" River City Babywearers made no-sew ponchos and back carrying jackets to bring in the fall weather. We had a great meeting with snacks, movies, kid cloth, and all kinds of adventures at the library! The kids were wonderful and loved running around the library, playing dress-up, and exploring different textures while watching our mommys. Some of the kids even got their own ponchos from let over cloth! Join us tomorrow for "Wear-it-wednesday" at the Ashland Berry Farm to wear our group t-shirts and of course our babies while we ride the hayride and pick pumpkins!