Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monthly Monday Meeting 4/9/12

St. Thomas Episcopal Church has graciously extended our welcome and this week we continued our bi-monthly meetings there. Feel free to stop by the parish secretary's office and express your thanks. Let's also continue to be grateful guests by keeping our space tidy and following the church's traffic pattern when entering and exiting the parking lot.

We had lots of wrap questions for bigger babies and tots, and lots of opportunity to show off back and side carries. Some of these wraps are trickier than others and take a lot of practice to get right, but the payoff is in the comfort and security of the hold.

Double Hammock
Hip Hold

Back Wrap Cross Carry

Coming Up: Our group is excited to be participating in the March of Dimes this month. It is our goal to spread awareness of babywearing while helping a great cause. Several of us will be walking while wearing. If you would like to join our team or contribute to the cause please visit our Team Site.