Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Exciting things of note..

     First of all- welcome to all the new members! It's pretty awesome to see our facebook page exploding. Clearly a babywearing group was needed in the Richmond area!

    Secondly.. for those of you not on facebook, or who just need to see it somewhere other than on your phone (you laugh but you know I'm right!), we have a meeting a week and half from today on August 27th from 10-12 at Westhampton UMC. See the fb page for more information, or watch for directions closer to the meeting. The September meeting has already been set up as well, for Sept 24th at Maymont Park from 10-12. If you would like to host a meeting, a playdate, or just want to reach out for extra guidance, don't hesitate! Every time we see each other does not have to have a teaching period, but we will have one at least once a month. There are so many people bringing so many different strengths to this group and it is amazing to watch everyone helping each other out, but sometimes it's just nice to spend time with like-minded families!

   A few of our members (and of course our fearless leader) have taken the next step to become Volunteer Babywearing Educators (VBE's) through BabyWearing International (BWI) so that they can help out with leading the meetings, or to start weekday meetings to help accommodate all the different schedules. If you are interested in becoming a VBE, check out the BWI blog's post, "What's a VBE?" for more information.
Until next time, enjoy your last few weeks of summer and we hope to see you next weekend!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Greetings and Salutations!

Welcome to the blog for River City BabyWearers! I'm sorry this blog has been slow and long coming, but hopefully now we can get things started. I was present at the second meeting, on July 30th, and it was fantastic to see so many people coming together. Even with our minor setbacks (The church not sending someone to let us in), it ended up working out really well. Our fearless leader (:-D) showed off her impressive stash, and a few other mamas demonstrated a triple hammock, a double hammock, and a Front Cross Carry on various wraps.
After the demos, there was time for socializing, but it was very neat to watch different people assist others with various carries and carriers, showing off their skills and getting help for their weaknesses, and also introducing each other to new and different ways to wear our babies! It's high time that Richmond had a group like this, and such a turnout from the get go promises new and exciting things.