Wednesday, May 9, 2012

April Saturday Meeting

The ObiMama LoveBirds traveling Wrap Conversion Mei Tai (WCMT) made its way through Richmond on Saturday, April 28th.  This carrier, made from a BBSlen Blackberry wrap.  Jen (the woman behind ObiMama) constructed the WCMT as a short stage 1, meaning it has a 16” wide seat (plus seat darts), and was 16” tall.  It also had 85” long padded wrap straps, her “Zen” version, with 70” waist straps.  It also included padded head/neck roll, legs out padding, and an adjustable hood with a beautiful love bird applique.  This was an amazingly versatile size and fit all wearers and wearees quite well.

ObiMama has risen to babywearing fame this past year, but has been sewing carriers since 2010.  She is based out of Roanoke, VA, so we were excited to try this Virginia-made carrier.  ObiMama also makes silk and linen ring slings, and “featherweight” mei tais which are great for the humid Virginia weather.  We enjoyed having LoveBirds make an appearance at our meeting and are excited to send it on to the next group to try!

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