Sunday, August 31, 2014

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes

We'll be publishing the list of prizes available for our International Babywearing Week raffle over the next few weeks!  Please forgive my terrible photography skills.  Here are the first ten:

1) A huge lot (12+ lbs.) of scrapbooking supplies including die cutters, stamps, ink, pads, markers, paper, and more, courtesy of Stampin' Up!

2) A ring sling made from an African Kikoy, courtesy of Tara Wambugu

3) A hand-dyed length of cotton fabric, suitable as a scarf, play silk, or even a doll wrap, courtesy of Cathy Dean

4) a hand-dyed length of linen fabric, 3.2 meters long, courtesy of Cathy Dean

5) A Package of three children's books from Barefoot Books: Zoe and her Zebra, Cleo's Counting Book, The Gigantic Turnip, courtesy of Jennifer Gates Grey (we'll be doing a Barefoot Books fundraiser later this year so don't miss out on a chance to see these great books in person!)

6) Dinner and a Movie Package #1 and #2 (we have two of these to give away): $10 gift card to Jason's Deli and 2 tickets to the Byrd Theater, courtesy of Jason's Deli and the Byrd Theater

7) Dinner and a Movie Package #3: $20 gift card to Sticks Kebab Shop and 2 tickets to the Byrd Theater, courtesy of Sticks Kebab Shop and the Byrd Theater

8) A Rockin' Baby Hero Ring Sling, orange (just like our lending library carrier!), courtesy of Rockin' Baby Ring Slings

9) Gift Certificate for a one month membership to Romp 'n' Roll, courtesy of Romp 'n' Roll

10) A set of 4 reusable holiday gift bags and 2 reusable BPA free snack bags, courtesy of Cathy Dean

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