Tuesday, September 23, 2014

But Why Should -I- Become a Member? [Insert Excuse]

This is a blog post in which I have set out an ambitious goal.  My goal is to convince you to join Babywearing International of Central Virginia even if you never come to a single meeting and never check out a single carrier from our library.

Maybe you've aged out.  Maybe you're stashified.  Maybe the meetings are always during naptime or are on the wrong side of town (although I hope you've noticed we now have meetings on Northside and Southside!) or your child can't handle the commotion.

It doesn't matter.  You should still be a member.  

“What's that?” I hear you ask. “Isn't the prime benefit of membership access to the library?  I don't need that.”

Well that is one benefit of membership.  But the real reason you should become a member is that babywearing is important to you.

Think of all the times when babywearing got you through a tough day—the sickie snuggles, a fought nap, making dinner while your little one cut some teeth, keeping a toddler safe on a busy street or in an airport, getting out of the house again once one baby became two....  Think of all of the times the babywearing community was here for you, for support and advice, and been-there-done-that-know-how-you-feel understanding.  

Become a member because you want that experience be available to new parents who are struggling for help, for community, for support.

BWI of Central Virginia has made huge strides in the past year towards providing outreach in our community.  We are now offering quarterly Babywearing 101 Classes through Bon Secours Love and Learn and plan to begin a partnership with the Centering Pregnancy Program at MCV bringing babywearing education not only to midwife patients but to moms attending prenatal apointments at the Nelson Clinic.  These things cost money and they take time.  Every member who ISN'T checking out a new carrier each month gives us resources that we can put towards printing materials and covering the costs of outreach efforts like these or towards needed administrative expenses for the group.  

Your $30 membership payment is an investment in our group and in our community.  So come to our party on October 11th.  Bring your big kids and remember what it was like when they were little.  Visit with friends you see all the time or those you don't see enough.  And become a member.  Because even if you don't babywear much, or at all anymore, you're still a babywearer. 

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