Thursday, October 2, 2014

Where We Wore This September

Each month we ask members to post pictures of their babywearing adventures.  Here are some of the places we wore in September 2014!

Because when a special wrap comes for a visit and the preschooler refuses to go uppy, Mr. Moose rides in style!

Back home in Kenya

Stealing babies and putting them to sleep in a borrowed Poe Wovens herringbone tester.

While doing pentatonic flute lessons with the big kids.

On the beach

At the final Flying Squirrels home game for the season

Walking to the post office to mail my sister her first ever college care package!

Going to pick up big sister from school in my first attempt at FWCC in a year and a half

Sick baby, wearing around the house.

At the Virginia Science Museum.

Walking on the beach at sunset

Richmond Kickers' Playoff Game in the Library's Toddler Tula

At IKEA...wishing, lol

At Maymont with a friend in Babyhawks.

Backyard in the Maya Wrap Ring Sling while Big Sister plays in the sand box

2 year old Costco napping!

Hiking the Oloolua trail!

Teething girl doesn't want to be put down so we're walking to CVS for Tylenol!

NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island

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