Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy First Birthday BWI of Central Virginia!

Hello Friends! To celebrate our group being active for one very busy year, we held a birthday party! It happen to fall on one of the most hot days of the year- almost 110 degrees! That definitely affected the turnout and length of the party, but for those who came, we had a great [hot] time!

Our historian, Kati, held a few mini photo sessions as a fundraiser. Several folks brought munchies for all to share as the older kids played in the playground. Phew it was hot! 

Several carriers were donated and/or won at the International Babywearing Conference. While we are keeping several for our lending library, we decided to raffle off a few of the doubles as a fundraiser. Up for the raffle is an Ergo Carrier, Beco Carrier, Babywearing Institute mirror and a pair of Sling Rings! Our raffle will be held July 28th at 10am, our regular Saturday monthly meeting.

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