Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 28th Saturday Meeting [Raffles!]

Hi Friends!! What an exciting meeting we had on Saturday! The weather was beautiful and we decided to hold our meeting in the playground outside the church. The older kids definitely enjoyed that!

Folks who wanted to buy raffle tickets, or buy more raffle tickets, bought them at the beginning of the meeting. We also spoke about what things you all would like to see us do. The possibility of a YouTube channel was brought up, and I am currently in the works of building a channel full of our recommended videos of proper carrier techniques. If you have a video that you love, please share it in the comments below or on our facebook page. We will check it out and consider adding it to our YouTube channel. 

If there are any other things that you would like to see- especially in reference to member benefits, please let us know!

VBE, Sara, having snuggles from her wee ones.

The beautiful Lillian!

 Raffle time!
Our super helper, Isabella, picked the winners for the raffle.
Digging deep!!
The winners of our raffle were: Nicole S, winning the Ergo; Melanie, winning the Beco; Laura S, winning the Sling Rings; and Katie Z winning the Babywearing Institute mirror! 

Our fundraiser helped us gain 4 new members and we made $160 in raffle tickets! We will be spending our money to grow our carrier library as well as our book library.

If you are interested in becoming an official member, gaining you access to the lending library, please see this Membership Application Information.

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  1. Anything by Leah for the youtube channel. This is the video recomended to me by April last meeting.