Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Cleaners and Carriers Don’t Mix

Due to a couple of recent events, we felt it was necessary to let all our members know what happens when cleaners come in contact with carriers and wraps.
Household cleaners even the “gentle” ones, fabric softener, facial cleansers, and other personal care products may cause damage to carriers.
Why is this a big deal? These cleaners not only have a cosmetic effect on the carriers, but they weaken the fabric and cause possible failure during use. We have a responsibility to our members to maintain extremely high standards for the condition of our carriers and any compromised carrier is removed from the library.
These removals reduce the variety of carriers available at meetings and for checking out.
When you join BWI of CVA and when you check out a carrier from the BWI of CVA library, you are agreeing to our Lending Library Policy. In this policy, we ask that you inspect the carrier before leaving the meeting. If you see anything out of the ordinary please let a volunteer know right away.
Also in our Lending Library Policy is a replacement guideline; If there is damage to the carrier while it is checked-out to you, you are responsible for its replacement.
These two carriers had to be removed from the lending library:

We take pride in the variety of carriers in our library and we rely on our members to keep our carriers safe while they are in our member’s possession.

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