Monday, March 14, 2016

Leap into Spring! Carry of the Week: Rucksack Back Carry

The Carry of the Week for Week 2 is the Rucksack Back Carry, also known as a Ruck.

The Ruck is many people's first back carry.

Practice all carries, especially back carries with a spotter, over a bed or couch, or low to the ground until you are completely confident. A BWI meeting is the perfect place to learn new skills with the assistance of a Volunteer Babywearing Educator. In most cases it is best to be comfortable with front carries before attempting back carries. (BWI Babywearing Safety) We recommend waiting until your baby can sit unsupported to begin back carries. You should always try your first back carries with a spotter or over a soft surface such as a bed. However, if you have completely mastered front and hip carries and have successfully back wrapped another baby, it is safe to do back carries in a woven wrap with a baby who isn’t sitting unsupported yet. (BWI Back Wrapping Infants)

A rucksack carry is a high back carry. You start by making a fabric seat for the baby and then pin the seat with the rails going over the legs on one side and under them on the other. You can use with a shorter wrap and tie it under the baby's bum, or with a longer wrap you can tie it in front. You have the choice to spread the passes across the baby's back for more support or keeping them bunched as shown in the video.

This carry can be good in hot weather as it is a single layer carry, but that also means it may not be comfortable for a long term carry. Generally, this carry will use a size or two smaller than your base size.

This week we only have our video tutorial as our VBE who does the photo tutorial is enjoying her vacation.

Check back next Monday for a new Carry of the Week!

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