Monday, March 7, 2016

Leap into Spring! Carry of the Week: Front Cross Carry

Some of the River City Babywearers decided to do a Wrap Challenge for the month of March. We decided it would be a good idea to do a tutorial on one of those carries for those that would like a little extra help and make it the Carry of the Week (COTW). We have tutorials for the COTW made by two of our Volunteer Babywearing Educators, Maddy and Lauren.

Our first Carry of the Week is Front Cross Carry (FCC).

Many people's first carry is a Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC). So what's the difference between a FWCC and a FCC?

Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) starts with the wrap centered on the chest for a torso pass, bunched up and under the arms and then crossed in the back before bringing up and over the shoulders. Baby is placed in the torso pass and the wrap is then crossed in the front (over leg and then under baby's leg) with bunched or spread cross passes before bringing around to tie in back. This can also be tied under bum with cinched cross passes.

Front Cross Carry (FCC) starts with the wrap centered on the back, bunched up and bring underneath the arms. It continues with 2 cross passes in the front and then up and over the shoulders to cross in the back before bringing it around to tie in front. Baby is placed in and sits in the "x" created by the cross passes. There is an optional shoulder flip.

This carry is an excellent first carry for new wrappers and is wonderful for new babies as well. It's also a poppable carry, meaning you can wrap before you leave the house and "pop" baby in when you arrive at your destination! It's super great for on the go!

First up is a video tutorial with Maddy:

Now we have Lauren with a photo tutorial:

Find the middle marker on your wrap, and bunch the wrap together, keeping the top rail on top & bottom rail on bottom.

Bring the middle marker to the center of your wrap, keeping it bunched behind you.

Hold one tail between your knees, and bring the other tail across your chest to your opposite shoulder.

Repeat with the other tail. Both tails should now be crossing your chest, creating an X on the front of your body.

Cross the tails in the back to make another X on the back of your body.

Bring the tails back around to the front and loosely tie a double knot.

Find the cross pass that is closest to your body, and put baby's leg into that pass, so that the wrap is between baby's legs.

Spread that pass from knee to knee and across baby's back.

Put baby's other leg into the outside cross pass. This pass should also be between baby's legs.

Spread the second cross pass from knee to knee as well.

Once the passes are spread, untie the double knot and gently "bounce" baby into the carry. Tighten any slack as needed.

Pull slack from the back and retie the double knot in the front underneath baby's bottom.

Ta-Da! You have now wrapped a Front Cross Carry (FCC)

For this carry Lauren used a size 5 Tekhni Soteria Dawn from our lending library! Be sure to try this wonderful Repreve wrap out at one of our meetings!

Check back next Monday for a new Carry of the Week!

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