Monday, March 21, 2016

Leap Into Spring! Carry of the Week: Coolest Hip Cross Carry

The Carry of the Week for week 3 is the Coolest Hip Cross Carry.

The CHCC is a carry that pre-ties so you could tie this up before you leave the house and just have to pop in the baby once you arrive to your destination. This carry is generally done with a wrap 2 sizes smaller than your base size. 

The coolest hip carry is a hip carry with two passes that make an X that the baby's bottom sits in. The passes being spread over the back and from knee to knee make it very comfortable for baby and for you!

Here's VBE Maddy with our video tutorial:

Our photo tutorial VBE is coming back from vacation, so we'll see her next week.

Check back next Monday for a new Carry of the Week!

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